Facts About Squirrels

There are few creatures that across the United States, whether you’re a city dweller or reside in the country that are as well recognized. It is your neighbor the squirrel. Anyone that has a lawn or took their lunch in a park has seen them. They sit there and look all cute… and so we feed them. They win! However, not really, they ought to be out eating their natural food instead of a part of your sandwich. If you have ever had a bird feeder, you’ve battled wits’ with a squirrel. Don’t take it personal… after all they do not have T.V. or pc. They are intelligent, agile, and fast you have to be on your toes when dealing with a squirrel. There has been many a debate about the best way best to keep them out of things they desire in! As we figure out a way to put the seed out they find out a way to reach the seed. However, in their defense, their 4 front teeth are constantly growing so that they must nibble all of the time to keep their teeth from growing too big. Otherwise they can not crack nuts or eat correctly. We’ve rehabbed squirrels for over ten years and they still keep us on our feet and thinking.

Squirrel, Animal, RodentMore than 200 species of squirrels span across the planet on every continent with the exception of Australia. Those 200 species fall into three main groups; Tree or Fox Squirrels that make nests in trees, Ground Squirrels which nest in tunnels under stones, and Flying that occasionally seem to survive more like birds… high up in the trees.

In Colorado, mom tree squirrels will have her babies in either February or August. It depends on ecological elements. She will select a warm safe spot and fill it with leaves, inner bark, along with other soft things. After all who knows what Colorado weather will probably have in store for them? She will have 2-8 infants. At about 3 months their eyes and ears open.

It will require 8-10 weeks for mom to completely wean them. When rehabbing squirrels it requires until about 10-12 weeks for us to get them weaned, finding all organic meals (we hide around cage while they are hiding in nest box) so they can be released back into the wild. Whether the young squirrel lives with their “actual” family or with our surrogate family it’ll be 2-3 months for them to venture out on their own.

Squirrels have a basic diet which they all will eat. Other insects, corn, a number of other plants and vegetables are all on the primary diet, but the diet also varies on location. Bat Removal Company, for example a squirrel that resides in the tree in your garden will eat more succulent seeds than a squirrel that lives in the country.

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