why football is good for mens health

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IF you wish to play football, you will need to have a few features, such as agility, footwork and endurance. The advantages of this sport can not be counted, though. Even though the sport is popular in Latin America and Europe, Americans are also growing interest to participate in the game. Every game has its advantages and soccer is no exception. Let us take a look at a number of the principal benefits.

You want a higher amount of stamina so as to operate for 20 minutes. So, football players have a lot of aerobic capacity. They can run or walk for hours without getting tired. So, playing soccer will raise your aerobic capacity.

Normally, a player runs for five or more miles throughout the game. So, the continuous running, walking and jogging boosts the heart rate of the players. To put it differently, football is good for your health as it prevents the accumulation of plaque in the coronary arteries.

If you would like to burn fat, it’s among the most suitable sports for you. The main reason is that it works your muscles and heart in more ways than one. Besides this, the game can help you burn fat and build muscle mass.

During soccer, you do not need much body power for twisting, twisting, turning and leaping. Due to these actions, you develop muscle power.

As a rule of thumb, as you get older, the density of your bones comes down. During a game, the repeated loads on your entire body make your bones stronger. So, if you would like to maintain the strength of your bones, then ensure to play it on a regular basis.


Coordination is vital for success due to the changes between sprinting, running, and walking over and over again. Complex movements, like passing, turning and dribbling also help you improve your coordination throughout the game.

Although fitness goals are private, all people can benefit from soccer. As a matter of fact, your ability to work together with other players to accomplish a common aim goes a long way.

Since soccer is a fast-paced sport, it makes it possible to improve your self-discipline, persistence, and concentration skills. Even if the rate slows down, you’re after territorial benefits. You position yourself to receive a pass or defend a specific area from the opponents.

Should you develop your endurance and physical strength, you can develop your confidence also. With a greater self-esteem and assurance, you are able to do well in friendships, family life, career and college.


As it is not a restrictive or expensive game, you won’t have to fulfill strict requirements. As a matter of fact, it is a comparatively simpler game.

So, if you would like to enjoy these benefits, we recommend that you build a team, get out and play it. Hopefully, you’ll have the ability to get the most from the entertaining sport.

Should you get an English Bulldog

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If you are thinking about purchasing an English bulldog, you should think about these pros and cons before making the final decision.


Temperament: one of the main benefits of the dog is that he has a great character; consequently, he easily gets along with the relatives. He also easily gets along with other pets. If you have small children, you don’t need to be worried of leaving them around the dog.

Requires little space: since he doesn’t like exercising, he doesn’t demand plenty of exercising space.

Rarely barks: unlike other dogs that bark unnecessarily, the English bulldog rarely barks. For instance, when he is very hungry or when he sees a total stranger. The easy going nature of the dog means that you won’t ever have complaints from neighbors stating that the dog is disturbing the peace.

Has a ferocious appearance: the ferocious expression of the dog will discourage intruders from getting into your house or compound; hence, when you leave the dog in your house, you are confident that no one will get into your house.

Easy to take care of: the dog’s coat is easy to take care of since you can easily attend to it without taking the dog to a puppy beauty parlor. The only thing you will need to do is to sometimes trim his toe nails. Since he tends to lose easily, you should also brush his coat regularly to remove loose fur.


One of the disadvantages is that he’s independently minded making it difficult to train him. In addition, he tends to think that he’s the one in charge which further makes it hard to train him.

To live in harmony with him, you need to ensure he understands that you are the one in control.

Another disadvantage is that he likes eating and hates exercising. Both of these attributes mean that he can gain a whole lot of weight which may be dangerous to him. To ensure that he does not gain too much weight, you should ration the amount of food you feed him. You should also engage him in mild exercises. Try this site for more information about English bulldogs.

Drink smoothies

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So, What do possums eat? In Wikipedia: A smoothie (sometimes spelled plain or smoothie ) is a thick, cold beverage made from puree raw fruit (and occasionally vegetable) mixed with ice-cream or frozen yogurt along with other ingredients like water, crushed ice, fruit juice, sweeteners, (e.g. honey, sugar, Styria, syrup) dairy products ( e,g. milk, yogurt or cottage cheese, whey powder) plant milk, nuts, nut butter, seeds, tea, chocolate, herbal supplements or nutritional supplements.

A smoothie containing dairy products is similar to a vegetable milkshake, although the latter typically has less fruit and often has ice-cream or frozen yogurt.

As you can tell by the definition you are able to do a lot about the ingredients you choose to put in your smoothie. But not all components blend well together. Acid fruits like grapefruit and other citrus pineapples, pomegranates, sour apples, plums, strawberries, and tomatoes don’t blend well with sweet fruits such as grapes, prunes and dates. Ingredients can very as much as the aim of the smoothie you’ve chosen to make. For a protein energy increase, weight loss, wellness, breakfast drink or simply refreshment.

Here are some delicious quick and easy recipes that you and your family can enjoy.

Razzy Blue Smoothie


1 Banana

16 whole almonds

1 tbsp. flaxseed meal

1 cup 1% butter milk


Peel banana and cut into 1/2-inch chucks. Chill in the freezer until solid, about two hours. Place the almonds, oats and flaxseed meal into a blender; pulse until finely ground. Add frozen banana, frozen blueberries, yogurt, grape juice, and buttermilk; mix until smooth. Enjoy!

Strawberry banana Smoothie


1/2 cup of frozen strawberry fat-free yogurt

1/3 cup of Post bran flakes

1/4 strawberries

1/4 cup bananas


Place yogurt, milk, bran flakes berries and bananas in the blender high-speed until smooth.

Lemon berry Crush Smoothie


1 1/2 cups milk or fat-free milk

1 1/2 tsp. Crystal light lemonade flavor drink mix

8 ounces Breyer’s Smooth & Creamy Vanilla Cream yogurt

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

1 cup ice cubes


Blend ice and then the rest of ingredients in the blender on high-speed until smooth. Yum!

Mix the rest of the Crystal light soft drink mix with 4 cups of water to create a simple and delicious pitcher drink.