Interact with Dolphins in Hawaii

Dolphin Sea Love Kiss Dolphin Dolphin Dolp

If however, you would like to guarantee up-close dolphin interaction it is possible to pay for the privilege at three places in Hawaii.



Children 5 years and up can participate.


No actual’swimming’ with dolphins. The Dolphin Quest Program on the Big Island is situated at the Hilton Waikoloa Village hotel. You don’t need to be a guest in the hotel to take part in or watch the dolphin programs. The program includes dolphin trivia and facts, close up evaluation the program’s captive dolphin’s body parts like tail and teeth, getting to feed the dolphins, being in the water with the dolphins, and watching them underwater with the mask. Each individual also gets a few photo opportunities touching or holding a dolphin in various poses.

2. Dolphin Quest on Oahu


Extensive program for children 5 to 12.


No real’swimming’ with dolphins. The Oahu program is located at the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Although the Oahu and Big Island programs are similar in theme, there are differences. The Oahu program includes lots of the very same aspects as the Big Island program but here kids also have a chance to interact with reef fish and sea turtles. Oahu also provides a program that’s half as long and a little less expensive.

3. Sea Life Park on Oahu


If your dolphin is willing, you get to hold onto his/her dorsal fin for a swim.


Out of a 45 minute program, only 15 of it’s in the water. Just for ages 13 and up. This program also includes the purchase price of admission to Sea Life Park. It features a whole lot of in-depth dolphin facts and some close up dolphin interaction, plus 15 minutes from the water with the dolphins. Pictures are also available.

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